Better Sleep Cooling Bamboo Comforters


  • ATC System ( adaptive temperature control system) – Designed to create slow heating and fast cooling. Our Better Sleep Cooling Bamboo Comforters stay at a constant temperature.
  • 100% Cooling Bamboo Fabric – Bamboo viscose fabric is extra soft with a silk-like feel and is cool to touch.
  • Hollow Microfiber –  The hollow centre traps air and helps to provide a lofty duvet filling. Hollowfibre bedding is very light, making a comfortable choice.
  • Moisture-absorbing – It has a moisture-absorbing bamboo cover that has great ventilation and dries out very quickly.
  • Washing Machine Friendly – Wash on a gentle cold cycle.

Size Variations:

Single 130x200cm
Double 200x200cm
Queen 230x200cm
King 230x220cm

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There’s nothing to kill your cosy sleep vibes like waking up in the middle of the night all hot and sweaty. Having the comforting touch of a blanket can help you fall asleep, but for hot sleepers, there never seems to be a happy medium – either you’re sweating under the thinnest blanket, or you’re forced to sleep without the comfort of a blanket at all.

But look no further lightweight cooling bamboo comforters work great for night sweats and for “hot” sleepers.

This soft luxurious blanket feels like a soothing hug while keeping you cool all night long.

So why choose a  Bamboo Blanket you ask?

  1. They help keep you cool: Bamboo is a magical material that’s breathable and absorbent, meaning you stay at optimal temperature in any weather.
  2. They are ECO-friendly: By Buying bamboo, you’re helping to promote a greener future for the planet. Bamboo grows at a rapid speed and doesn’t need much water to thrive, meaning it’s renewable, requires fewer resources than cotton and doesn’t need pesticides.
  3. They are less prone to wrinkling and bamboo is ultra-soft.
  4. Bamboo is Antibacterial and Hypoallergenic: There is nothing worse than realizing your own bedding is the cause of your allergies. You won’t have any worries about microscopic critters with our bamboo comforters.





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