Better Sleep B3 White Noise Soother and Night Light for Baby and Adults


  • The first sound machine with an advanced voice sensor function.  Intelligent sound sensor and memory function turns the device on and plays sounds and light when baby wakes up and starts to cry, or make any noise higher than 75 dB.  The device memory holds your last settings after resumes after restart.
  • The sound machine features a soft warm night light with suitable brightness, making baby feel more secure and being convenient for feeding and changing at night.
  • Choose from 7 digitally recorded sounds: lullaby, white noise, stream, ocean, rain, shush and cat purr. 10 different volume levels available.
  • The sleep machine provides a 15/30/60minute optional timer or allows for continuous play. 
  • Powered by a build-in polymer long-life battery (2000 mAh) and comes with a USB cable for convenient recharging.
  • Fits easily in your diaper bag or backpack and comes with a detachable clip for easy fastening to a stroller, car seat or crib.
  • Includes 6-month warranty.

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The unique design will fit any decoration, is portable and is lightweight.

The Better Sleep B3 sound machine combines 7 soothing sounds and an adjustable warm night light. Children usually sleep easier and deeper with soothing sounds and a comforting light.

Advanced voice sensors will activate the sound machine and light automatically when baby starts to cry.

You can put it on a table, in a suitcase, in a diaper bag or even in a backpack while travelling.

The included clamp allows you to attach it to other things like a crib, pram, car seat, stroller, carrier or chair. You can hang it on the car seat to calm baby down while you are driving, making your car rides peaceful.

The controls are intuitive, and there are plenty of options without getting overwhelming. The light can easily be turned off and on just by pressing the front face, making it easy to use at night while changing diapers without having to turn on a brighter light, making it harder for baby to go back to sleep.

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