Better Sleep B2 Baby Soothing Sound Machine

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  • 6 high quality sounds – lullaby, shushing, in utero heartbeat, rain, white noise and ocean waves
  • Automatic shut-off – sound stops automatically after 30 minutes and device enters standby mode
  • Voice Sensor – once in standby mode, smart voice sensor detects baby’s cry at 70dl and starts to play sound again
  • Lightweight and compact– easy for outdoors, travel, and everyday use
  • Easy to use – easy twist top and bottom for activation and sound choice
  • Portable – includes a ring for hanging. Easy to use in the car or hang from a nappy bag.
  • Includes 6-month warranty

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Great accessory for when taking baby out for a walk, the sound machine can be hung on the stroller and keeps baby calm. The device is small and petite with white and orange trim that highlights the various sound options and features. This lightweight plastic model comes with 6 sound options: lullaby, shushing, in utero heartbeat, rain, white noise and ocean waves.

The power switch knob and sound volume can be adjusted together on the top of the product. Rotate the bottom gently to switch between the 6 soothing sounds freely. The small size is especially nice for infants whose own spaces tend to be smaller. An added bonus is that this model is a featherweight compared to other options of similar quality. The Built-in Li-Ion 1800mAh rechargeable battery can last up to 4 nights without needing to be charged.

The sound machine can also be used by adults and can be packed in a bag, making it easily accessible while traveling or camping.

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Original price was: R599.00.Current price is: R499.00.Read more