Better Sleep B1 Portable Baby Sound Machine with Recorder

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  • 8 high quality sounds – 3 lullabies, white noise, in utero heartbeat, rain, shushing and a customizable voice recording.
  • 30 second voice recorder – parents can now record a personalized message for baby, like mum singing or a quick story
  • Voice sensor – smart voice sensor detects baby’s cry at 70dl and plays the customized recording followed by a lullaby to help soothe baby back to sleep.
  • Easy to use – four easy timer options allowing you to play for indefinitely or for fifteen, thirty or forty-five minutes.
  • Compact design – small in size. USB cable included for charging the device.
  • Portable – includes a ring for hanging and a small brace for free standing capability. Easy to use in the car or hang from a nappy bag.
  • Includes 6-month warranty

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It can be especially difficult for babies to fall asleep without personal contact or the knowledge that a parent is nearby. Help baby relax and fall asleep quicker, easier and deeper with these popular white noise sounds. The voice recording feature of this white noise machine is especially handy when baby wakes up, the sound sensor detects baby’s cry and automatically plays your personalized recording followed by a lullaby, helping your little one fall back to sleep.

The included ring allows you to attach the machine to baby’s nappy bag, crib, pram, car seat, stroller, carrier or chair. You can hang it in the car to calm baby down while you are driving, making your car rides peaceful. The unique design will fit any decoration and is easy to keep clean.

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Original price was: R599.00.Current price is: R499.00.Read more